The Xtreme Fat Destroyer
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Fat scorching secret everyone looking to
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WARNING: Your about to learn one of the most powerful fat melting secrets that bodybuilders, hollywood celebrities and fitness gurus might not want you to know…

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Have you ever just looked at someone and thought to yourself "damn I wish I looked like that?"

We all have, lets face it... But the truth is YOU can create an amazing physique just like that one you've always admired.

Ever since I was young I have been OBSESSED with creating an eye-grabbing physique. You know the one I'm talking about... The one that turns heads as soon as you walk into a room. 

I would spend countless hours a day soaking up all I could about the science behind fat loss until one day my friend Mike came up to me.
He told me about the results he’d been getting with one of the fat burning methods I previously told him about.

When I told him about this fat melting trick it was just something I had learned about but didn’t really understand the potential it carried. 

He began to tell me that he had lost 12.5 lbs in just 14 days…
12.5 lbs in 14 Days...
The RESULTS were STAGGERING. I knew I was onto something.

Mike at the time had already tried the Atkins diet, the low-carb diet, weight watchers and even the workout program Insanity. However, none of these delivered the results he was looking for.

That was until he learned this fat shedding secret.

He told me he was just tired of wasting his money on diet programs, supplements, and workout routines, only to see minimal results. 

After listening to Mike, I knew it was time to share this powerful fat burning method with the public.
What IS This Secret Fat Burning Method?
  •  It's not going low-carb.
  •  It's not giving up your favorite foods or eating 5 meals a day.
  •  It's not spending countless hours in gym or doing endless amounts of cardio.
It's Depleting Your Glycogen Stores
A science backed method to skyrocket your metabolism and prime your body for maximum fat burning.

It forces your body to consistently burn fat for energy. Regardless of who you are or where you're currently at with your physique.

It's a pattern of events that occur in the body that can be learned but must be specifically designed for YOUR BODY TYPE.
Read on to uncover the 
hidden power of this Fat Melting Secret
AND how to LEVERAGE it…
Hey, this is Ryan Rieck. I'm a nutrition specialist, health and fitness expert, and certified master trainer.

You see, this letter is ONLY going out to a very select few of people.

And there's a very good reason for that...

I only want people who I know are going to take immediate action into using this powerful fat burning method.

If your one of those people that aren't truly serious about changing your physique and your life then I'm going to have to ask nicely that you leave this page. 
I don’t want to be mean but what I’m about to share is high-level material.

And it will likely fly over the head of anybody who doesn't take it seriously. However if you do take it seriously then be ready to watch your body transform right in front of you.

Still there? Great, LETS GET STARTED...

 75% of people who set a goal to lose weight never actually achieve it...
Now let me ask you, why do you think that is?

Are they too lazy?
Do they lack motivation?
Not in the least.
Is it lack of knowledge?
Again, no...

It's actually none of these. 

The real reason most people don't achieve the goals they want with health and fitness is because they don't have a manual to follow specifically for THEIR body type and goals.

Say for example your trying to put something together but you've never done anything like this before. What's the first thing you do? Look for the instructions manual right? And then from there as long as you follow the proper steps the creation of the final product is inevitable.

Well its the same thing when it comes to shedding unwanted body fat.
But Here's The Brutal Truth!
The supplement industry and health industry use this against you!

IMAGINE THAT, the industry that's supposed to be helping us achieve our fitness goals has been holding back the whole time...
You want to know the real obstacle that hinders you the most from achieving your fitness goals?
Everyone you talk to...
Yeah, no matter where you are, your being showered with information that simply isn't true and won't work for YOUR BODY TYPE.

Maybe it’s friends. Someone on Youtube. Hell, it might even be someone in your family. Who knows?
ALL the misconceptions TV and friends have told you about losing weight and dieting will be sent to the gallows…

The reason it has been so hard to lose that stubborn body fat in the past is probably not even your fault…

The fact is that there are probably several reasons that you’ve struggled to lose weight in the past.
  •  Your diet was too restrictive
  •  You had to give up the foods you enjoyed most
  •  The workout routine required you to spend too much time in the gym
  •  You didn't have a step-by-step guide to follow
  •  The process seemed to boring and tedious
And this is EXACTLY why I created...

The Xtreme Fat Destoyer

A system that takes you by hand and shows how you can shed up to 2-5lbs of body fat in as soon as 14 days... The Xtreme Fat Destroyer is my pride and joy. Everything I have learned from fat loss over the years condensed into one Ebook.
Listen to what 3 others who have experienced the program for themselves had to say...

I can finally say I found program that actually works! After trying all the mainstream fat burning diets I was close to giving up all together. Ryan's regimen has motivated me to look better and even helped boost my confidence which is something I never expected. If your are legitimately trying to improve your life then stop waiting then this is for you.

Dan R, Ohio

“I have tried so many weight loss/diet plans and none of them delivered the results I was looking for. I was just tired of giving up my favorite foods and spending countless hours in the gym. I was honestly ready to give up but when I decided to try what you said in your Fat Melting Video… Well, it worked just like you said if not better! Burning fat has never been so simple. I eat what I want and workout on MY time. Long Live the Fat Shedding Machine!” Brendan from NY

Jason K, Atlanta

I saw your secret and thought it was B.S. But man was I wrong. I have noticed such a difference in my overall appearance and my confidence and energy levels have increased substantially! Now even my friends are commenting on how good look!

Amie J, Buffalo

note: results experienced are not typical consumer results and results may vary.
I'll tell you a secret...
People always think that losing fat has to something that is difficult, takes too much time, and requires you to sacrifice most of the things you enjoy. 
You see, when I first got started in this industry I was absolutely overwhelmed with the amount of information that was given to me…

I didn’t even know how to perform a proper sit-up…

On top of that, I had all these so called “Gurus” telling me I had to eat this, or I had to do that workout… People saying things like:

"Carbs are the enemy"
At this point I had so much information it held me back from taking action. 

In reality what I really needed was something that was EASY and WORKED. Something that told me exactly what I needed to do 

So if you feel the same way, I completely understand and know what your going through.

I would spending countless hours a day soaking up all I could about the science behind fat loss until the one day my friend Mike came up to me…
After Mike told me about the crazy results he'd been getting with this fat melting secret I knew it was time. I felt it was my obligation to teach it to others.

So I decided to create a full-proof, no holds bar system that teaches your body to become a fat burning machine on auto-pilot. 

To be honest I wasn't quite sure how this system would work with other people's bodies so I decided to put it to the test.

I shared it with 10 other of my top clients and BAM!
They couldn't believe their eyes!
All 10 of them proceeded to tell me how amazing it was to watch their body transform right in front of them in such a short period of time.
It was literally music to my ears!

I absolutely loved the feeling of knowing I contributed something of such immense value to someone else's life.
And now I want to share the 
exact same thing with you...
Fast forward 2+ years 
and now burning fat is effortless:
Here are some of the benefits of the Xtreme Fat Loss System:

  •  You still eat what you want
  •  Increase in lean muscle leaving women tone and men sculpted
  •  Naturally skyrocket your metabolism
  •  Decrease cellulite 
  •  take 2-4 inches off your waistline
  •  How to burn fat faster than ever before
  •  Decrease blood pressure
  •  Lower your LDL (bad cholesterol) and increase HDL (good cholesterol)
  •  Increase your energy levels naturally without using caffeine or other stimulants
  •  healthier hair and skin
  •  How to tone up specific areas on your body such as unwanted stomach, leg, or arm fat
  •  The #1 way to remove harmful toxins that hold you back from losing fat
Yep. I designed all of that. Made it happen. It’s not luck, it’s not good fortune…

It’s a natural consequence of leveraging The Xtreme Fat Destroyer System.
The carb cycling secret...
All you have know is how to simply get around your carbohydrate stores and dig deep into the viscera fat (the deep fat that is predominantly in your stomach) in order to keep your body in constant fat burning mode.
It's that simple...
It's so simple but yet noone ever utilizes this extremley powerful trick.

Can you guess why?

Because it's not taught...

People in the fitness industry profit off your lack of knowledge. They know that if they create a supplement or product they'll have you coming back for more. 

In The Xtreme Fat Destroyer program you'll discover...

Xtreme Fat Destroyer

-The worse foods you can put in your body
-How to maximize your body's ability to burn fat during each workout
-How to eat what you want but still stay in fat burning mode 24/7

2 Minute abs Manual:

-How to train abs in under 2 minutes that gets you that toned look
-Learn the most common mistake your probably making that hold you back having your abs show
-debunks all the myths and lies you've been told in the past about abs
-How to train your abs to get rid of those unwanted love-handles

Done-For-You Fat Burning Exercises

-learn the #1 exercise that is scientifically proven to burn the most calories
-the best exercises you can to do today at your house that burn the most calories
-How to time your workouts to maximize the fat burning effect
-Each exercise can be done in ONLY 10 minutes
-Gives you a step-by-step progression workout program that works for YOUR body type

Easy-to-make Fat Slicing Smoothie Recipes

-Discover why smoothies are so powerful in turning your body into a fat shedding machine
-how to make smoothies in under 5 minutes that eliminate unwanted toxins that prevent your body from burning fat
-Gives 8 different recipes that prime your body for maximum fat burning.
-Each recipe provides the total amount of calories as well as carbs, fats, and protein.
Each product is in digital Ebook formatted and will be immediately accessed after purchase is complete
Now imagine something else...
Now imagine implementing all of those benefits at the same time. Imagine your life and how good it will knowing you have all the skills to burn insane amounts of fat at will.

Burning fat will be easy for you!

You'll burst with confidence, naturally increase your energy levels, and your over sense of well-being will skyrocket.

However, you and I need to make sure the The Xtreme Fat Destroyer program is a good fit for you.
The Xtreme Fat Destroyer Is WRONG for you IF:
  •  Your not willing to totally immerse yourself in this program. I only want people who are committed to their health and success in this program.
  •  Your not don't believe you can put in the work needed to achieve your fitness goals. 
  •  You don't believe in investing in yourself. You've never read a self-improvement book in your life and think all that stuff is lame.
Who the system MAY BE right for...
  •  You struggle with self-confidence 
  •   You're ready to TRANSFORM not only your entire body but your life
  •   You want an almost "done for you" program to help transform your physique and shed fat faster than ever before
Of Course… You COULD Figure 
This All Out For Yourself…
But it would take years of dedication and real-world experience to come up with a system, a formula like the one on the other side of this page.

And I should know. I've done all the hard work so YOU don't have to.

However, just giving you this information would not work. Sure you'd have many "aha" moments but that won't lead to any lasting change. Why?

Because you haven't internalized the information.

You haven't absorbed it until it changes your behavior automatically.

That's why I've designed this system to actually "install" powerful behavioral patterns into you simply by you going through the program.

Just go through the program and do the exercises and FEEL the change in yourself.

Then watch in AWE as your body transforms in front of your eyes.
Look: You're fully committed to 
transforming your physique right?
I want you to know… whichever program you've worked your way through before…

you were being led to one final destination.

And now you've arrived.
The system is the secret foundation for losing weight and shedding with ease.

And because of that it's priced accordingly.

The Xtreme Fat Destroyer is a $147 program.

For the incredible transformation you're about to go through that's a heck of a deal. It's a bargain in-fact.

Yet, because you've come so far with me into your journey.

… I'll make you an even better offer.

I'll slash $133 OFF this program IF you register right now…
So here’s what you need to do… Just click the “Add To Cart” button below and download the entire Xtreme Fat Destroyer system, available on your computer, phone, or tablet in less than 2 minutes from right now. 
You heard that right. I'm so confident that The Xtreme Fat Destroyer system will positively transform your physique that I'm willing to take 100% of the risk if you just give it a shot today.
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30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!
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Money Back Guarantee

Try The Xtreme Fat Destroyer FREE For 60 Days 
And THEN Decide...

Take the entire course for a test drive. If you don't LOVE it. If you don't FEEL and SEE the difference in your new body… I don't want your money.

Let me tell you why I can offer a guarantee like this…

I stand by my program. I LIVE this stuff every single day. And I know the profound, lasting change it will trigger in your life – like an irreversible shockwave
Frankly, I WISH there had been a program like this when I began my fitness journey

Something to help me navigate the pitfalls, the false starts and the embarrassing encounters with women. I had to struggle through this stuff to discover these secrets.

Yet you, my friend, don't have to.

Just move through the course exactly as designed, and if you don't see incredible, positive changes in your life? I'll give you every penny back.
  •  That's why I'm one of the leading health and fitness lifestyle coaches in the industry
  •  That's why I have dozens of private clients who use these same methods in this program to create the body they've always wanted
  •  And that's why I fully guarantee The Xtreme Fat Destroyer Program...
Get ready. Your life will never be the same again. All I ask is you drop me an email and let me know about your amazing results.
Bottom line? Yes, you'll be blown away by the unique content in your private members area which will be accessed immediately upon purchase.

As you go through the program, you'll notice changes.

And then you'll FEEL different, better, more relaxed, more content yes… but also more confident with your body and the way you look.

You'll love looking in the mirror and see your body transform in front of your eyes.
Don't Put This Off
Until 'Someday'…
But you need to understand…

There are certain principles and techniques that must be learned... Principles that are extremely important when it comes to fat loss but are so rarely talked about or taught.

It all starts by building that strong foundation. So ask yourself…

Can you REALLY afford to put this off any longer?

Your life is slipping by… grab hold of this opportunity with both hands and watch what happens. You'll NEVER look back.

This is Ryan and I look forward to guiding you on your fitness journey and creating your amazing physique. 
P.S. - Every second you wait the odds are good you will do nothing. Success in every area of life requires action, so act right now while its fresh in your mind and lets get you real results
P.S.S. - Remember, you have a full 60-day trial period to have The Xtreme Fat Destroyer system work for you! Put this program to the test and see how it works for you. With the "no questions asked" Money Back Guarantee there's NO WAY you can lose...
Click The "Add To Cart" Button To
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(Worth Over $147!)
60 day money back guarantee
This is Ryan Rieck and I look forward to hearing about your amazing results and success with The Xtreme Fat Destroyer system.

Please send your comments, testimonials, success stories and questions to my personal email:
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